L'Oreal Paris Karl Lagerfeld Highlighting Powder

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L'Oreal's highlighting powder by the legendary Parisian Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, will give you a raidiant candlelit glow.  This cute little highlighting compact comes with a mirror and features two shades that can be used to create multiple looks from natural to custom glow.  



80 Colorants, colour additives (e.g. opacifying / pearlescent agents), 20 Binding agents, oils (e.g. vegetable and/or mineral), waxes and fats (e.g. long chain alcohols), 20 Silicones including volatile silicones (e.g. cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone), 10 Anticaking agents (e.g. zinc/magnesium stearate, zinc/magnesium laurate), 5 Additional ingredients (e.g. humectants, vitamins, UV filters), 1 Parfum, 1 Preservatives, antimicrobials, Bulking agents (e.g. talc, silica, starch, nylon powder, polyethylene powder) (to 100)

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