Ultra Mini Hygienic Wipes 7s

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Ultra Mini Hygienic Wipes 7s helps you stay clean and refreshed on the go.  Each pack contains 7 conveniently sized wipes, ideal for travel, daily commutes, and outdoor activities.

Key Benefits:

Portable Sanitizing: Effortlessly keep your hands and mouth clean wherever you are.
Convenient Size: Compact and easy to carry in your backpack or handbag.
Gentle Ingredients: Formulated with Aqua, Benzalkonium Chloride, Aloe, and Vitamin E for a refreshing and moisturizing experience.

Travel-Friendly: Perfect for trips, outings, and daily use.
Moisturizing Formula: Aloe and Vitamin E ensure your skin stays hydrated and soft.
Effective Sanitization: Benzalkonium Chloride provides reliable sanitizing action.

How to Use:
Peel Back Label: Open the package by peeling back the resealable label.
Remove a Wipe: Take out one wipe at a time.
Sanitize: Gently wipe your hands or mouth, then discard the used wipe.
Reseal: Ensure the package is sealed to keep the remaining wipes moist.

Customer Reviews:
"Love these! They are very handy to have in a backpack or handbag for convenience when traveling or out and about. Bought multiple times already."

Use with caution for anyone with skin allergies or issues.

Stay fresh and sanitized anywhere with Ultra Mini Hygienic Wipes. Your perfect travel companion for cleanliness and comfort!

Please note:

As with any product, test first on a small patch of skin in case of allergic reaction or sensitivity.


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