Become a Social Media Influencer

Katie Mclennan - showcases Banana Fetish Eyeshadow by Jeffree Star cosmetis
Kade Cameron shows the Lizard Jewel Velour Lipstick and Psychedelic Palette by Jeffree Star
Sherri Hughes, The Tousled Beauty showcases Pricked Eyeshadow palette by Jeffree Star Cosmetics
Leanne Le Seuer - demonstrates the Wyoming Hydrating Moisturiser by Jeffree Star skincare

How to become a Kiss and Makeup Influencer

Would you like to be featured by Kiss and Makeup as a social media influencer?

Pitch us your Look by emailing us at with your idea. We are quite big on doing Reels these days (rather than only photos), so you'll need to be able to provide an edited Reel (and any photos) which we can collab publish with you.

One suggestion is to find a Reel in a style you think would resonate with our audience and include a link to that Reel when reaching out to us so we can visualise what you're wanting to do.

We might just agree to gift you products to create your own Look for publication on our Socials and Website.

If you're new to the game, we've written a blog called How to become a social media influencer, have a read as it may help a wee bit'. Click here.

All images/Reels will be owned by Kiss and Makeup (although you'll be able to use them too after we've published them). We reserve the right to decline using any images produced if the quality isn't up to scratch (we're pretty relaxed but you'll see from our Instagram page the type of images/quality we aim for).

E if you want to discuss further.