Kiss and Plant Trees

Lets Kiss and Plant Trees

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.  It's natural fauna and flora are essential to our kiwi way of life. And because we love our life.  We also love our native trees. 

Through our Kiss and Plant Trees initiative we commit to planting a minimum of 5 trees per month.

We might be small, but we are also mighty!


And our commitment will grow as our business grows.  That means every time you buy from us, you know that you are also contributing towards our kiwi way of life.  Isn't that awesome!

To track our commitment and success, you can check out our donators page.

We will share updates and give shout outs via our facebook page. But don't forget to like us, else you won't know we've followed through.  

You can be small and mighty too whilst you look fabulous wearing the makeup you just bought from us. Isn't life great!. #treesthatcount #kissandplanttrees