Pricing and Packaging

Pricing and Packaging

Quite often we receive questions about our low pricing as well as product packaging.

Our Pricing

We aim to bring Kiwis truly affordable prices versus the typical high street retailer.

With super low overheads, and the ability to import directly from international distributors, we can afford to bring you incredible value.

What that means is we can save you up to 70% on some product lines including foundation, mascara, eyeshadow, skincare and haircare on popular global brands compared to your typical high street retailer. Please note that sometimes our prices tend to attract people who buy most of our available inventory at one time, so we do sometimes have to apply 'demand pricing' so as to discourage this sort of activity...bit of a shame but we don't want everyone to miss out on what we can offer. Retailers should contact us directly if interested in buying from us, that way we can ensure new and existing customers don't miss out and we can plan ahead accordingly when re-ordering. 

We also regularly offer discounts sitewide, or on specific categories and products so just join the newsletter (a pop up form should appear for new visitors to this site, if not, just email and ask to be added by our team members) to keep abreast of deals.

We only buy genuine makeup, haircare and skincare from established European distributors and we guarantee our quality (or your money back). You'll also benefit from our free NZ CourierPost delivery (overnight courier) if you spend $75 or more.



You'll be happy to know that your purchase contributes to our Kiss and Plant Trees initiative (read more) and that all orders get sent in compostable courier bags with recyclable eco bubble wrap for protection. Great makeup shouldn't cost the earth™

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Why are some products fully shrinked wrapped, or in blister packs while other products aren't wrapped at all?

The reasons for different packaging on our products is generally down to the manufacturer and how they plan for the item to be merchandised in a physical store. For example if a mascara is going into a Display Unit like shown below, they may not be enclosed in an individual blister or cardboard/plastic pack as they won't look visually as appealing. However if they are designed for online sale, a full wrap is sometimes used to protect the product during transport.

Another reason often is that if there is a full shrink wrap around the product, stores can apply a security tag to it as it can be stuck to the wrapped that will be removed by the user when they get home. If they were to stick these to the actual product, it would damage the product when removed thus leaving the customer unhappy.

If the item is blister packed and/or on shelf hangers, this will be to give the retailer a way of hanging the product in a store. For the online trade, it’s just unnecessary packaging but in a bricks and mortar retail environment, they can put it on a hook and let the customer shop from a hung range.

Please remember, regardless of the packaging, all products are sealed (unless we say otherwise - if they come from a larger product set and broken into separate pieces) and all are brand new and unused.


If you have any queries, please drop us a line at

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