Great makeup shouldn’t cost the earth

Great makeup shouldn’t cost the earth

Published by Sabrina Baker on 29th Sep 2019

We started this business because we want to bring Kiwis the best makeup at great prices. Something we noticed wasn’t readily available from the high street. We spent months and months before launching, just researching products, understanding product, trying product and sourcing it from suppliers. We offer the best makeup, backed up with great service, at an affordable price.

But for us it doesn’t stop there; because whilst there are a handful of other online retailers offering makeup at prices that you would pay if you were in Europe, we at Kiss and Makeup NZ work hard at bringing you that little extra Kiwi ingenuity that gives back each time you buy from us and grows things as we grow.

We call this our environment first initiative.

This doesn’t mean we are tree hugging enthusiasts, it just means that we recognise our responsibility in operating a sustainable business and appreciate that the little changes can have a big impact.

For instance, there are literally hundreds of thousands of packages delivered each and every day in NZ. It’s impossible to appreciate how many of those packages use recyclable materials compared to those that do not.

Compostable Bags - Real Dirt Bags

Our environment first initiative is designed to reduce landfill through our compostable and recyclable packaging. We use 100% compostable courier bags (made from plants not oil) and we protect your product with recyclable (type 1) bubble wrap so that when you receive it from us, it arrives in tip top condition and you can dispose of the packaging right into your own composter or recycling bin. We have also been using the dirt bags since we launched and it’s our small contribution to the ever growing issue of waste. (Although please remove the courier label, as we are in the process of transitioning to compostable labels – technology hasn’t quite caught up yet).

#kissandplanttrees - Kiss and Makeup NZ

Kiss and Plant Trees is our other initiative that we are proud to support. There’s a lot of talk about carbon neutrality, how to calculate it, validation of claims and what counts towards your ability to offset and so on. And lets be clear, we certainly can’t attest to being carbon neutral (not yet), after all we source our products from Europe, but through Kiss and Plant Trees we are working hard at offsetting our carbon footprint, and so far we have funded 25 native trees, and with your support, we have helped to remove 2.69 tonnes of carbon which is the equivalent to approximately 10,000 Km or 117 bags of rubbish recycled instead of landfilled. We think that is really cool!!

We love our beautiful country, whilst it might seem small, these things also make us mighty, and that’s why with Kiss and makeup, great makeup really doesn’t cost the earth!

Kiss and Plant Trees

Written by Sabrina Baker

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