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Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Hand Treatment Large Size 200ml

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Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Hand Treatment Large Size 200ml is an oasis of hydration and restoration. This beloved, award-winning hand cream is a testament to the commitment to delivering unparalleled skincare.

Nourish and Hydrate:

Immerse your hands in moisture that lasts up to eight hours. Our powerful formula, enriched with Butylene Glycol and Dimethicone, acts as potent humectants, attracting and sealing hydration to keep your skin irresistibly soft and beautifully moisturized.

Weather-Defying Elegance:

Tame rough, weather-exposed skin with the transformative touch of our Intensive Hand Treatment. Say goodbye to dryness and cracking as this cream blankets your hands in a protective layer of rich, non-greasy moisture.

Fast-Absorbing Elegance:

Experience the luxury of a fast-absorbing formula that doesn't keep you waiting. Feel the difference as it swiftly penetrates the skin, leaving your hands velvety-soft and more beautiful.

Key Ingredients:

Butylene Glycol & Dimethicone: Powerful humectants that attract water to the skin, ensuring a continuous infusion of moisture.
Allantoin: The soothing superhero that protects and calms your skin.

Clinically Tested Elegance:
Clinically, dermatologist- and allergy-tested, our Intensive Hand Treatment is a manifestation of our commitment to quality and safety.

Usage Instructions:
Apply liberally, as often as necessary. Let the rich formula envelop your hands, providing a soothing and replenishing experience.

Experience the Elizabeth Arden difference – where skincare meets elegance. Elevate your hand care routine with our Intensive Hand Treatment, leaving your hands soft, nourished, and more beautiful than ever.

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