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Fanola No Red Shampoo For Brunette 1L - LIMIT 1

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Fanola No Red Shampoo For Brunette 1L is your go to for removing unwanted red tones from brown hair while providing nourishment and hydration.

Brown hair, with its wide range of shades and tones, is incredibly versatile and suits all skin types. However, just like any other hair color, brown hair is susceptible to oxidation caused by factors like sun exposure, heat styling, chemical treatments, and environmental pollutants. Recognizing this concern, Fanola has developed a nourishing shampoo enriched with green pigments to combat oxidation and minimize undesirable red reflexes.

Whether your brown hair is dyed or natural, this shampoo is perfect for maintaining cool brown tones while adding softness and smoothness to your strands. Experience deeply moisturized and radiant hair with its hypnotic cool brown shades.

This cream-textured shampoo is specially formulated to address unwanted red tones and dryness in brown hair. Its application is simple - whenever you wash your hair, apply a generous amount of Fanola No Red Shampoo For Brunette 1L to your wet scalp and gently massage it with your fingertips. Rinse thoroughly. For best and long-lasting results, complement your routine with Fanola's No Red Mask For Brunette.

One of the key ingredients in this shampoo is Glycerin, a natural moisturizer known for its nourishing properties. It helps maintain the skin and hair's lipid balance, protecting against irritation and restoring optimal hydration levels. Say hello to hair that feels deeply nourished, with enhanced smoothness and shine.

Fanola No Red Shampoo For Brunette 1L is free from alcohol and ingredients of animal origin, ensuring a clean and ethical formula.

Embrace your brunette beauty and bid farewell to unwanted red tones. Experience the transformative power of Fanola No Red Shampoo For Brunette 1L, delivering nourishment, hydration, and captivating cool brown shades that leave your hair irresistibly vibrant.

Please note limited to 1 unit per person/household.

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