Fanola No Yellow Mask Travel Size 100ml

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Fanola No Yellow Mask Travel Size 100ml is the ideal companion to the No Yellow Shampoo. While the shampoo effectively tones down yellow and brass reflections in blonde hair with its concentrated violet formula, the mask is expertly crafted to restore health and vitality to your precious locks.


This mask is suitable for bleached, blonde, streaked, or grey hair, thanks to its special violet pigment that imparts a fleeting silver result.

The acid pH of the mask works wonders in sealing the cuticle and creating a protective violet film on the hair, effectively neutralizing yellow reflections.

Enriched with the goodness of Pressed Grape and Silk Proteins, the mask provides highly conditioning benefits, nourishing, hydrating, and softening your hair to perfection.

With its convenient 100ml travel size, you can now enjoy radiant blonde hair wherever you go.

How to Use:

After shampooing with Fanola No Yellow, apply the No Yellow Mask to your hair. Leave the mask on for 3-5 minutes to ensure optimum results.Rinse carefully and unveil beautifully toned and nourished hair.

Fanola No Yellow Mask Travel Size 100ml is your ultimate secret to maintaining stunning blonde hair. Restore your hair's health and vibrancy with this highly conditioning and toning mask. Embrace the fleeting silver result and say goodbye to yellow reflections. Try it now and let your blonde shine like never before!

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