Fanola Styling Tools Power Volume Hairspray 500ml

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Fanola Styling Tools Power Volume Hairspray 500ml is designed to provide a volumised, weightless and elastic new look for your hair. Enjoy the added benefit of a gorgeous shine and protection against moisture, thanks to the anti-lint effect of our spray.


Our weightless formula ensures your hair feels light and free, while still achieving a volumised and lifted look.

Revel in the beautiful shine it gives to your hair, leaving it looking radiant and vibrant.

Say goodbye to frizz and moisture-related concerns, as our hair spray protects your locks from unwanted humidity.
Enjoy the flexibility and elasticity it provides, allowing you to style your hair with ease and creativity.

With a fix level of 2, our hair spray provides a balance of hold and natural movement for your perfect style.
How to Use:

Before use, shake the bottle well to activate the magic within.
Style your hair into the desired look.
Hold the hair spray about 30 cm away from your hair and apply evenly for a flawless finish.

Unleash the true potential of your hair with Fanola Styling Tools Power Volume Hair Spray. Achieve weightless volume, brilliant shine, and moisture protection for your dream hairstyle. Try it now and elevate your hair to new heights of beauty and style!

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