heimish All Clean Balm 120ml

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heimish All Clean Balm 120ml your go-to multi-cleansing solution enriched with natural aroma oils for effortless and gentle makeup removal. Removes makeup, cleans dirt and black heads. 

BALM-OIL-MILK TRANSFORMING CLEANSING: Say goodbye to stubborn waterproof makeup, impurities, and residue buildup with this innovative formula. No need for double cleansing – this balm does it all in one step, leaving your skin fresh and clean without any eye irritation.

Multi-Purpose Cleanser: Effectively dissolves into an oil upon contact with your skin, swiftly removing all traces of makeup, dirt, and blackheads.

No Eye Irritation: Experience a pain-free cleansing process, even if a bit of product accidentally enters your eyes.

Low-Irritation and Vegan: Formulated with sensitive skin and pregnant individuals in mind, this balm is gentle and vegan-friendly.

Scoop Out for Your Face: Each jar comes with a convenient mini spatula for hygienic application.

A Spa-like Experience: Enjoy a soothing herbal fragrance that dissipates after use, providing a spa-like sensation.

Please note: The cracked appearance on the surface when you open it is just part of the natural ingredients, not a defect.

Online reviews

"perfect creambsing balm. my face is vey soft and smooth after using it. love it"

"Totally worth the hype. Works great at removing sunscreen and makeup. Love the texture and smell of the balm. Convenient packaging"


Use the included spatula to scoop a moderate amount of balm onto your dry face.
As the balm melts, gently massage it onto your skin, covering areas you wish to cleanse.
Rinse off thoroughly with warm water.

Transforms from a balm-like texture to an oil cleanser upon contact with water, effectively removing even thick makeup without irritating or dehydrating the skin.
Hypoallergenic ingredients, including shea butter, citrus, botanical, and white flower extracts, ensure suitability for sensitive skin.

Usage Tips:

Scoop 3~4 spoonfuls of balm using the included spatula and apply onto your dry face.
Spread the balm evenly, starting from the forehead, cheeks, and chin.
Massage in circular motions to melt away makeup and impurities.
Focus on eye and lip makeup, using cotton swabs for precision.
Wet your face to emulsify the balm into a milky fluid, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water 4~5 times.

Size: 120ml

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