How Kiss and Makeup’s on a circular mission for good

How Kiss and Makeup’s on a circular mission for good

Published by Stephen Beath on 16th Dec 2019

We've recently celebrated welcoming our 1,000th customer by focusing on our core values of sustainable business practices.

As any business owner will attest, growing a business takes focus, hard work and passion. Growing a successful business is even harder.

Looking forward to 2020 we are setting ourselves some bigger goals, goals that not only are financial but also fit with our ethos of acting responsibly, minimising our waste and finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We call this our Circular Mission, creating a closed system that recycles and reuses materials where possible, minimises our use of precious resources such as power, and reduces waste to near zero. 

While Kiss and Makeup already use eco packaging (compostable bags made from sustainable plants), and run a Tree Planting Initiative (Kiss and Plant Trees), we've decided 2020 is the year to invest in solar energy to power our business.

While not exactly earth shattering it will certainly lower our carbon footprint even further and we will use our growing sales to fund this initiative, which in turn feeds back to our Circular Mission.

Some people may refer to this as a Triple Bottom line approach (social, environmental, financial), it’s also considered common sense by most sustainable businesses.

Why should we rely on a network that still uses fossil fuels (around 20% ), when we can literally draw pure, clean energy from the sun and store it in our garage. Afterall, as we often tell our customers, great makeup shouldn’t cost the earth.

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