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Innisfree Premium Cotton Pads for Toner 80 pce

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Innisfree Premium Cotton Pads for Toner 80 pce, is a high quality lint-free cotton pad perfect for wash off.

Product Details

1. Soft surface optimised to refine skin texture
The 100% water jet, compressed cotton helps gently wipe the skin with a toner without causing any irritation.

2. Lint-free texture
The sealing processing supplemented the shortcomings of existing cotton pads that become lumpy while generating a lot of lint. (Based on our brand's existing Beauty Tool premium cotton pads).

3. Eco-friendly packaging
Eco-friendly packaging made from cornstarch is used instead of simple plastic packaging.
Use for refining skin with a toner. Wet the cotton pads with toner or essence and gently wipe on face.

[Caution] 1. For storage, be careful not to get any foreign substance in the product. 2. Do not store in a place with too high or low temperature or under direct sunlight. 3. Do not use for any other purposes than skincare. 4. Keep out of reach of children.


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