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Kate Tokyo Designing Brown Eyes BR1 Warm Brown

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Kate Tokyo Designing Brown Eyes is a stunning 4-color eye shadow set crafted to perfection. Transform your eyes into captivating, larger gems with a subtle sense of depth and nuance. 

Made in Japan. 3.2g.

Key Features:

Brown Grading: Immerse yourself in the art of brown grading shades, offering a sophisticated and versatile palette for endless eye looks.

Color Nuance Magic: Uncover the real magic with our strategically placed color nuance shade. Enhance the shade hole, add dimension, widen the eyes, and infuse a touch of brilliance for an irresistible gaze.

Width & Brightness Boost: Infuse color into the shadow blend to effortlessly widen the eyes and amplify overall brightness, creating an eye-catching effect that mesmerizes with every blink.

Discover the beauty of omission and the allure of nuanced shades with Kate Tokyo's Designing Brown Eyes. Your perfect companion for achieving a gaze that captivates and leaves a lasting impression.

Colour: BR1 Warm Brown

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