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Kate Tokyo Eyebrow Pencil

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Kate Tokyo Eyebrow Pencil lets you experience a seamlessly smooth application due to a solid wax core, carefully formulated with a melting point close to body temperature. This unique characteristic ensures a transformative touch upon contact with your skin. As the pencil's tip interacts with the skin, the frictional heat results in a smooth touch, making it easy to draw without a noticeable hardness. This is all possible due to the special ingredients like Diisostearyl Malate and Tri (Caprylic/Capric/Myristate/Stearate) Glyceryl. These elements contribute to a uniform and silky-smooth drawing experience, elevating the quality of your brow design.

To maximize the longevity of your pencil, avoid extending the core by more than 2 mm to prevent breakage. Additionally, consider smoothing the tip of the core on the back of your hand before application. This simple step enhances the ease of drawing, allowing for a more fluid and controlled result.

Elevate your eyebrow routine with the Kate Tokyo Eyebrow Pencil, designed for precision and a flawless finish, stroke by stroke.

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