Loreal Concealer Blender Makeup Brush

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Loreal Concealer Blender Makeup Brush is crafted from premium materials, for a luxurious, ultra-soft texture and an ergonomic design that ensures flawless makeup application. The sponge brush is designed with soft, breathable material, ensuring a gentle touch on your skin, while the shape helps you achieve a natural look. It's perfect for blending light or more concentrated makeup, ensuring even coverage across your entire face.

How to:

Pick up your preferred formula and apply it to the areas you wish to correct or enhance.
Use the flat side to smoothly spread the material into a thin, even layer.
The curved face of the brush molds perfectly to the contours of your face, making blending a breeze.
For delicate areas like the nose bridge and eye contour, utilize the tip of the brush for precise application.

Care Instructions:
Maintain the longevity of your sponge brush by following these simple care steps:

Wash the brush with mild soap and warm water.
Thoroughly rinse it to remove any residue.
Allow it to air dry before your next glamorous makeup session.

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