Ottie Black Signature Bundle

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Ottie Black Signature Bundle offers the ultimate anti wrinkle trio. Formulated to provide anti aging, improved skin elasticity and a smooth complexion. 

Here's what's in the bundle:

Ottie Black Signature Toner 150ml smooths skin texture and firmness using a unique Black Complex containing snail secretion filtrate, black tea and black pearl extracts. Formulated with a patented Natural Protector to soak up excess sebum, while mint ingredients make for a refreshing fnish. 

Ottie Black Signature Ampoule 50ml is highly concentrated with the black snail secretion filtrate with rich mucin that has chondroitin to protects your skin from moisture loss, and ensure it's healthy and smooth.

Ottie Black Signature Cream 50ml has 3 core functions of wrinkle reduction, improving skin elasticity and anti aging. The formulation is infused with black complex containing Mucin (chondroitin), a natural compound that nourishes and smooths your skin's texture for a radiant and rejuvenated look.

Brief Background of Ottie - The South Korean Skincare (and makeup) company

Ottie is a Korean skincare company established in 2004. The brand's slogan, "Natural as Nature," reflects its focus on using only fresh, natural ingredients to revitalize and strengthen the skin from within. Ottie is known for its innovative, high-efficacy skincare products that are manufactured in Korea. The brand draws inspiration from Korean beauty culture's tradition of shunning harsh chemicals and instead utilizing natural ingredients for healthy, nourished, and hydrated skin.

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