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peripera - All Take Mood Like Palette 02 Peach Heaven

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peripera - All Take Mood Like Palette 02 Peach Heaven is brand new and designed to redefine your makeup routine with its nude peach tones, catering to everyone's unique beauty preferences. Representing an all-in-one makeup palette, it seamlessly combines eye shadows, blush, and highlighter in a conveniently compact size.

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Key Benefits:

The Peach Heaven palette is carefully curated to offer a range of shades, from glittery to matte, allowing you to effortlessly create various makeup styles that suit any occasion. Its versatile nude peach tones ensure a universally flattering palette that enhances the natural beauty of every skin tone.

Colors Available:

Prestige Pink (#01): Ideal for crafting a lovely pinkish or a gentle mauve pink makeup look.
Peach Heaven (#02): Tailored to help you achieve a nude peach or vivid peach makeup look.

How to Use:

This multi-functional palette can be applied with makeup tools or fingertips, offering flexibility in your application method. The handy size makes it a perfect on-the-go companion, ensuring you have everything you need for a complete makeup look at your fingertips.

Immerse yourself in the Peritage Collection's Peach Heaven palette, where beauty meets convenience. Elevate your makeup experience with peripera's commitment to quality and innovation. Please note that product details, including colors and benefits, are subject to change at the manufacturer's discretion. For the latest and most accurate information, refer to the product packaging. Redefine your makeup routine and embrace the allure of Peach Heaven.


"Colours are stunning and well pigmented. Outside packaging is so so cute and so is the palette design!! I use it often."

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