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Revlon Colorstay Browlights Eyebrow Pencil and Brow Highlighter,

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Revlon Colorstay Browlights Eyebrow Pencil and Brow Highlighter gets you the natural looking brow shape in seconds without the hassle of hard to use eyebrow fillers. It's one part matte eyebrow colour, the other part glistening sheen, with an ultra-soft Kabuki brush for blending, so your brows have a touch of natural-looking luster. Foolproof and Waterproof: This eyebrow pencil is easy to use and is waterproof, ensuring that your brows stay put for up to 16 hours.

Two-Part Design: The pencil features one part matte eyebrow color and another part glistening sheen. This dual-shade formula allows you to intensify your brow shape and brighten the brow bone for a natural-looking effect.

Split-Lead Cream Brow Pencil: The innovative split-lead cream brow pencil is designed for easy application. The kabuki blender brush that comes with it helps in blending the colors seamlessly, creating a natural-looking balayage effect for your brows.

Depth and Dimension: The two-toned lead technology creates depth and dimension in your brows, achieving natural-looking brow lights. The pencil is infused with powder micro-spheres for a smooth, velvet-like feel and reflective pearls that optically lift the brows.

Kabuki Blender Brush: The kabuki blender brush has super soft and dense bristles that comb and blend the eyebrow colors, giving your brows a buffed and polished finish.

How to use:

You have lots of options—be creative—but here are two of our favorite ways to apply:
Fill in your brows with the matching shade, then go back over with the highlighting shade to add luster
Or, angle the two-toned pencil and glide it over your eyebrows, combining both tones on the brow hairs
Either way, finish by gently blending and buffing your brows with the super-soft Kabuki brush—it makes all the difference

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