Romand Secret Garden Palette 06 Peony Nude Garden

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Romand Secret Garden Palette in shade 06 Peony Nude Garden, is an enchanting eyeshadow palette inspired by the soft, beautiful colors of flowers. Dive into a world of soft purples and pinks reminiscent of delicate peony petals, featuring a harmonious mix of mattes, glitters, and shimmers.

Palette Benefits:

Versatile Shades: The palette consists of 10 stunning matte and glitter shades, providing endless possibilities for creating a variety of eye-catching looks.

Brightness Intensity: Palette color range includes shades in five levels of brightness intensity, allowing for color layering and achieving a well-defined eye contouring look.

Glitter Without Fallout: Super-fine glitter particles apply smoothly onto the eyelids without fallout, ensuring a clean and flawless finish.

Wide Spectrum of Colors: The palette features a wide spectrum of colors to suit all skin tones, making it a versatile and inclusive choice.

How to Use:

Fingertip Application: Apply and blend the eyeshadow using your fingertips for a seamless and effortless finish.

Brush Application: Use a brush to draw an eyeliner or blend the shadows on the outer corners of the eyes.

Glitter Application: Pat on the glitter shades on the lids using your fingertips for a dazzling and luminous effect.

Palette Shades:

Icy Mist: Light cool shimmery pink.
Pale Brie: Light pale pink matte.
Peony Blush: Light blush pink matte.
Bubble Pink: Medium pink with shimmers.
Orchid Night: Medium pink with a purple tinge.
Shine Dew: Glimmering silvery light pink.
Shade Beige: Light beige matte.
Cool Bay: Light taupe matte.
Dusk Brown: Light dusty brown matte.
Umber Wood: Medium brown matte.
Product Details:

Weight: 7.7g

Origin: Product of Korea
Elevate your eye makeup routine with the romance and charm of Romand Secret Garden Palette in shade 06 Peony Nude Garden. Immerse yourself in the soft, blooming hues inspired by nature's beauty for a captivating and versatile eye look.

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