Technic False Nails Squareletto Nude Pink Embellished

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Technic False Nails Squareletto Nude Pink Embellished helps you lift your hand game with 24 long lasting and gorgeous false nails plus glue for easy application and a stunning look day or night. It's like you have 2 sets in 1 with the nude false nails alongside glittery silver blue false nails.

How to apply your False nails

Use a firm surface to steady your hand, then clean and buffer your natural nail to allow for better glue contact. Select the nail tip which best fits each nail. If required trim or file until correct contours are obtained. Use a small drop of glue to contact area of nail tip only and spread with nozzle. Do not cover entire nail, leave a space between cuticle and nail tip free from glue. Press and hold firmly for up to 20 seconds. Instructions on removal on packaging. 

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