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Technic Silicone Makeup Applicators for Liquid or Cream Makeup

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Technic Silicone Makeup Applicators is your secret to achieving a smooth and streak free finish for liquid or cream makeup. The applicators ensure every drop of your makeup is applied to your skin without wastage or absorption. Say goodbye to product waste!

Easy to Clean and Hygienic: Embrace cleanliness and hygiene! Cleaning is a breeze – just wash with warm water and soap, and your silicone blenders are ready for the next flawless application.

Two's Company: This set includes two blenders, each bringing its unique charm to your makeup routine. One in crystal-clear sophistication, and the other in a playful pink hue.

How to Keep Them Sparkling:

After your makeup masterpiece, rinse the blenders with warm water and a touch of soap.
Voila! Your silicone makeup blenders are as good as new for the next application.

Why Silicone?
Silicone makeup blenders provide a smooth, streak-free application and are perfect for both liquid and cream products.

For the most up-to-date care instructions, refer to the product packaging.

Revolutionize your makeup game and achieve a flawless finish with Technic Silicone Make-Up Applicators. Makeup application has never been this efficient and glamorous! 

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