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Technic Tropical Paradise Blush and Highlight Palette has eight gorgeous soft tone buttery shades to make any look, day or night work all year round.  From soft pinks, to shimmery golds, Tropical Paradise palette has matte and sparkly shades to pick from.

This palette is vegan friendly.

If you fancy a little bronzer too, why not pair this with Technic Matte Mega Bronzer, or Technic Bronze and Beauitful Pressed Pigment palette

How to apply

We often get asked if you can apply bronzer, blusher and highlighter at the same time.  Yes of course....and here's how

Firstly apply your bronzer as you would normally, just below your cheekbones.  Then you apply your blush to on your cheeks and highlighter on top.

Why not try it...and send us a cheeky shot on our instagram page.





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