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Wet Brush Colour Wash Speed Dry Stripes

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Wet Brush Colour Wash Speed Dry Stripes is revolutionary in allowing excess moisture to escape faster, significantly speeding up drying time, so you can say goodbye to unnecessary heat exposure. Keep your hair healthy and happy with reduced drying time - the key to a stunning, lustrous mane.

Faster Drying, Happier Hair:
Our innovative vented design is a game-changer! By 

HeatFlex - Your Hair's Best Friend:
Blow-drying has never been this gentle! Our HeatFlex bristles are heat-resistant and work their magic while you blow-dry, effortlessly detangling your locks. No more worries about damage or breakage - just smooth, tangle-free hair that's easy to style.

Designed with Comfort in Mind:
The Wet Brush Speed Dry features a thoughtful brush design that contours to your scalp, ensuring extra comfort during use. Experience a relaxing and enjoyable brushing experience every time.

Versatility at Its Finest:
No matter your hair type, this brush works wonders for all. From straight to curly, thick to fine, it delivers flawless results on every strand. And if you have extensions or wigs, worry not - this brush is suitable for them too.

Effortless Detangling, Wet or Dry:
With this incredible brush, you can effortlessly brush out tangles without any pulling, tugging, or pain. The Wet Brush Speed Dry is designed to give you smooth, knot-free hair with ease, whether it's wet or dry.

Join the Millions of Satisfied Users:
With over 100 million Wet Brush brushes sold worldwide, we've earned the trust and loyalty of countless happy customers. Experience the difference for yourself and join the Wet Brush community in elevating your hair care routine to new heights.

Unlock the secret to faster drying, healthier hair with the limited edition Wet Brush Colour Wash Speed Dry Stripes. Embrace the beauty of efficiency and discover the joy of having happier, more vibrant hair. Try it today and become a part of the Wet Brush success story!

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