Fanola Fiber Fix No.5 Bond Mask 350ml

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Fanola Fiber Fix No.5 Bond Mask 350ml provides support for your hair, particularly following chemical treatments like color, bleach, straightening, or perm procedures. The formulation deeply penetrates your hair fibers, leaving your locks looking groomed and revitalised. Worried about frizz and split ends? Fear not, as our bond mask effectively prevents these common hair woes, leaving you with a smooth and polished finish.

How to:

Apply the Fiber Fix Bond Mask to damp hair, ensuring complete coverage from root to tip.
Gently comb through your hair to evenly distribute the mask.

Allow the mask to work its magic for 5 minutes, giving your hair the time it needs to absorb the nourishing goodness.

Rinse thoroughly with water, revealing soft, shiny, and well-nourished hair.

Give your hair the luxurious treatment it deserves with Fanola Fiber Fix No.5 Bond Mask. Experience the transformative power of our nourishing formula that pampers your hair, leaving it healthy, vibrant, and ready to flaunt. Try it now and unlock the secret to beautifully rejuvenated hair after chemical treatments.

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