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Kate Tokyo 3D Eyebrow Mascara Color BR 6 Olive Brown

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Kate Tokyo 3D Eyebrow Mascara Color BR6 Olive Brown gives the perfect blend of softness and definition. The water resistant formula withstands sweat, sebum and rubbing for long lasting wear. Effortlessly remove with hot water – no tugging or irritation. You'll love the skin friendly brush to ensure a gentle application, softly combing through your brow hairs.

How to Use:

Activate the Brush: Lightly squeeze the brush tip to allow the liquid to spread evenly.

Application: Gently comb from the base to the tips of your eyebrows for a seamlessly blended look.

Perfect Pairing: Use after adjusting your eyebrows with a pencil or powder for enhanced definition.

Colour choices (not always available but gives you an idea)

Br-1 Natural Brown, dark Brown, black hair
Br-2 Light Brown Brown, bright Brown hair in ash tones.
Br-3 Pink Beige Bright brown hair in red tones
Br-5 Natural Brown Natural Brown hair in red tone
Br-6 Olive Brown Ash Tone Hair
Br-7 Dark Greign Black or Dark hair

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